When you start to doubt who God says you are— the enemy has won. To be an Authentic You, simply means you don’t need acceptance to validate your existence. A feeling of acceptance is not what God wanted us to feel by anyone that disrupts his plan. Know that the value you represent continuously increases your growth towards a higher elevation. Once you are in tune with the direction God wants to take you, you will not allow anyone OR anything to change that.


It’s incredible and humbling to know; that through it all, God can use ANYBODY! I would rather be used by God the father; than man, the boy. God can speak to YOU through PEOPLE in TOTALLY unexpected environments. YOU are here today because you are a Prize in the world! You are surrounded by people that can detect your Prize like qualities.

Here is what may be confusing; being a prize can also be troubling. When you allow people that don’t identify the qualities that makeup who you are… YOU QUESTION YOUR VALUE!

So, YOUR Mantra for 2020: “I am a Prize, I will be an Authentic ME, no matter what my past dictates, by ANY MEANS NECESSARY! “

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~Fearless Passion   20/20 Vision 

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