Mirror… Mirror…

“Mirror Mirror”


  • Oh my God I need a makeover!
  • These color makes me look fat!
  • Take my picture from this angle!
  • Let me flip this magazine to find me a new face!


Listen!!!!! The mirror will only give you what you see internally.  Stop beating yourself up over what you think is acceptable by someone else.  Stop beating yourself up over what you haven’t become.  Stop beating yourself up over where you are.  Stop beating yourself over what you failed at.  Stop beating yourself up over what you lost. Stop beating yourself over not being chosen.  Stop beating yourself up over the choices you made.  Stop beating yourself up over the secrets, skeletons, and the images in your head that make you feel less than what you were created to be.


Mirror Mirror on the wall… Read my heart.  Change me internally so that what I see externally will be the true essence of beauty.  Mirror Mirror on the wall…. Reflect the essence of my being to not search for validation, but to believe in my heart of hearts that I was created in the image of excellence.  Mirror Mirror on the wall… Love me back, because I know that when I look at you, I will know that if I don’t like what I see; no one else will.

Mirror Mirror deliver me from the reflection of my imagination that can’t seem to think that I have the power to take the distorted images of my pain, and tell the person in the mirror —–I love you and you are ENOUGH!  Mirror Mirror on the wall… Who is the most loved of all!  ME, ME, ME!


~Fearless Passion


Is there anyone out there unafraid to raise your hand, or hands to admit that you have yelled those words, thought those words, or wished upon a star those words, TO YOUR MOST UNFAVORITE PERSON? Well; let me start off by saying that you are lying if  you don’t have at least one of these under your perfect umbrella of confessions.

!!!!GO TO HELL!!!!

That is the topic of a lot of our lives today.  We don’t want to admit it, we don’t want to address it, we just want to keep it tucked safely under our 48 hr peach fuzzed armpits.  (At least for me currently) You see I am forty-five/4 5/ four decades and five years, 16,425 days years old. Not one of those days that I can articulate; have been problem free.  You see I wanted to enter into the world feet first.  I didn’t smile as an infant, I gave you the side-eye. I always felt different.

I remember the first time I wanted to say/scream: “GO TO HELL” or perhaps “GO ALL THE WAY TO HELL” or maybe even “GO THE F&(* TO HELL” (you get the picture). I was only ten.  It’s funny how only a mere decade on this planet, I had the audacity to think those harsh words.  Now as an overripe adult; I am experiencing it. All relative to being angry at someone outside of my control.

You have to be careful of the words you plant in soil that will eventually grow.  What’s the saying: “be slow to speak”. Well let me start off by saying that you don’t have to be in a fiery furnace to go through hell.

You can experience hell in a relationship, job, church, household, kids, and especially in your mind.  The kind of HELL I’m going through is a complete sum of (I’m getting poked from every angle) No matter how much ice I use; I am disintegrating slowly. It wasn’t until recently I realized how much power I have tucked in Prefrontal Cortex to change things.  I shifted; I didn’t do that without prayer.

Life will make you think you are alone.  HELL will make you feel every bit of life.  Prayer will make you walk through the fire, and not get burned.  I encourage you to never go through HELL alone.  It is already crowded; so you don’t have to add to the population.

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~Fearless Passion


Can you imagine if someone asked you to introduce yourself, and your response would be “I am the person I follow on Instagram” What would you say next?  That is really the world we are living in.  People are afraid to stand out, and be their authentic self.  If it makes you uncomfortable being yourself, imagine how it makes the receiver feel?   Could you trust you, if you can’t even be true to your own self?  (Things that make you clutch your pearls)


Can the real whoever you are, please STAND UP!  Stand up for yourself, your legacy, your rights, your authenticity, and your worth.  How much freedom would you feel being who you are supposed to be? When no one is looking, who are you?  That’s the person that should be introduced instead of the identity you are cloning from someone else.


Once upon a time, I compared myself to women that once upon time compared themselves to someone else.  Then I asked myself: Who are you?  My response was not a duplication to another description of themselves; it was my own.


Set yourself FREE, and be YOURSELF!  The real You is waiting to be introduced to the You, you have been hiding.


~Fearless Passion

#beyou #selfworth #standup #freedom #authenticity #Queen #fearless

“Don’t be about that life”

Denial rested its comfortable fragmented arms in Insecurity. They were well acquainted. They often found comfort in knowing that they would always be SOULMATES. Nothing could pull them apart. Pain introduced them to one another after Rejection. Now there is an intervention set up to make them aware of the damaging footprints, designed to decrease their Destiny. Denial and Insecurity have been trying for years to reproduce. They are now the proud parents of Bitterness.

“Don’t allow your pain to sprout vines to where you are called to be. Denial is undiagnosed Insecurities that cripples you into believing that Hope is unattainable. The only thing you should deny; is that a new beginning and core values are what you need to be BIGGER and BETTER in your new season.

Happy Growing!


~Fearless Passion


Losing a part of yourself after losing a relationship can cause withdrawal and a dangerous level of depression. Depression is not permanent just like the relationship that ended.  If you appreciate the wholeness of yourself without an individual, you will understand the message in the lesson.  Everything that distracts you is not meant to destroy you.  Listening to the inner spirit that whispers a comforting feeling soothes you even when your preference and longing is for what left.


The Breakup was a detour set up for where you needed to be positioned to go. Have you ever been lost trying to find a place in a hurry and the navigation systems recalculates your direction?  As frustrating as that may have been; it didn’t make you drive off a cliff.  In my previous experience, it caused me to pull over and try to use another app.  You can’t drive in a direction if you don’t know where you are going.  You will most likely see things you’ve never seen before, or run out of gas.


The Breakdown is a prerequisite of your Breakthrough.  The breakdown has to position you to surrender that you are more important than what caused you the pain.  Pain is a reminder that once you heal, your surviving skills are increased.  I would like to think that when you go through something, it was never meant to break you down and keep you down.  It was to simply build you up in order for you to find strength in the breakthrough.


If you have ever experienced a breakthrough; it can best be pronounced as holding your breath underwater, and finally coming up out of the water experience that first breath you take freely.  You are not defined by a verbal description of your breakup.  Learn how to turn your reality around and make it work best for you.  Life will always have trials and tribulations, but you going through them without the physical damage, makes for your tailored BREAKTHROUGH!



~Fearless Passion


Attitude Adjustment

TGIF (Thank God I’m Fearless) 

I have been doing a lot of adjusting lately.  Merely for the reasons that my skin was becoming a little uncomfortable to be in.  Sometimes when you embrace that inner desire to change; is when the change will stick.  Back in the day, I blamed my attitude on my past,  ex, mom, or because of whatever the day of the week it was.  I had an explanation every time someone initiated “you got a bad attitude” Well you hear that enough you’ll learn to be invulnerable to it, and simply apply it with the fact that they are just as imperfect as you are.  That gets old too.  It wasn’t until I decided to look at myself without the smoke on the mirror, and observed I had a problem.


Everyone has an attitude but it doesn’t have to be a “negative” one.   I wanted my inside to match my outside; so, I tailored somethings and now my skin doesn’t itch as bad.  I had to really take self-inventory and figure out my trigger points.  Did I think I was so self-righteous that I didn’t have room to change? NO! Did I think I was the only one created on the earth with problems? NO! Did I think I was unchangeable or unmovable? NO!  When I started purging things about myself; I realized some of the relationships I pushed away was more me than them.  Me by the art of how I didn’t value their opinions.  I said to myself; You can’t be FEARLESS and not see that you created a runway of negative behaviors and unwanted explanation. (Next)  I came to the realization that if it took too long to explain; I had a bad ATTITUDE!  (Stand in line for adjustments) Boy is this line long!


My attitude was grounded in my emotional state that was counterproductive to what I desired for my life.  The effect of my behavior triggered a defense I built up (A WALL) that kept me safe, single, and strong.  (at least in my eyes) I am so beyond the whole attitude thing now.  Now as I move forward with the new;  people like to remind me of the old.  If that happens to you; simply smile and request them to explain.  If they can’t; they don’t warrant your tailored shift.  Don’t allow someone to box you into wherever you left.  The change is more for YOU than THEM.  If your attitude needs adjusting; don’t wait for an intervention to comprehend you hold the tools to adjust it.


Check your Attitude if you have the following: 

  • Victim Mentality
  • Short Tempered
  • Your Relationships aren’t working
  • People Tell you all the time you have an attitude


~Fearless Passion 

See It. Say It. Slay It.

See It. Say It. Slay It.

It January 12, 2019.  You might already be running with Fear and Doubt. Those two love to run together.  Let me start by telling you that you are not alone.  We set our minds to conquer our goals. We reach the halfway mark and it’s further away.  The solution is simple.  See the GIANT, Say to the Giant (I will move you), and lastly, Slay the Giant.  The Giant is your Goal/Vision/Purpose. Your ambition to get it done will reflect your ability to Slay. You can’t want a shiny object and be afraid to reach for it. Even if it’s outside your readch, learn how to stretch. Your exhausted because you are beating yourself up over doubt and fear.  Be sure to STOP right here, and tell Fear and Doubt to GET OUT! They can rock with you when you have so much to accomplish. 


Here is the truth about you that you are subconsciously forgetting. You have the power to turn the red-light green. Who’s stopping you from Seeing where you need to be? Who’s stopping you from Saying it will happen?  Who’s stopping you for Slaying it?  Have you figured out yet that all this time it been YOU! You are the problem?

No one is holding that remote while you flip through channels.

No one is holding your eyes open for you to watch others slay on reality tv.

No one is holding your ears to the phone while you gossip, or gossip is delivered to your captivated ears.

No one is definitely rocking you to sleep when that alarm is snoozed several times.

When you reach your designed, calculated, blood, sweat, and tears purpose; you will realize that you had the power all along. You just didn’t lay the electric bill. 

There’s a price to pay for success. You can’t double Dutch in and out what you want to do, and what you got to do. Make doing what you GOT to do mandatory. 


It’s time to See what you want.  Say it to yourself (no excuses) will stop you. Then Slay the dang on thang.  Don’t apologize to anyone for your shifts.  Stop checking everyone’s temperatures; that will tire you out, distract you, and make you bitter.  There is nothing wrong with repositioning your actions.  I mean; realistically if they are (For You) they will understand.  Figure out what your WHY is; give it a deeper definition.  That will make you want it more.  Don’t let six months introduce itself to you, and you forgot who was.

It’s time to make your necessary change stick.

  • Superglue your faith to your destiny.
  • See yourself going to that place.
  • Qualify yourself to have the rights to Slay!                                               


~Fearless Passion 

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