This is the day I allowed myself to FALL.  I had to.  I was so off balance.  I could feel doubt slowly creeping into my thoughts.  I am known for knowing exactly what I want.  It is one of MY strongest assets.  My biggest weakness is PAUSING.


Have you ever watched a movie and pressed PAUSE?  Ever thought about how long the pause would last.  Well I tested this theory.  I pressed Pause last night, washed the dishes, vacuum the floor, ran a bath, and soaked.  I never soak in a bath.  My ADHD will not allow it.  I don’t eat soup either; it takes too long to finish.  I like this right now!  If I can’t get them right now; I PAUSE.  When I pause, I don’t have the same passion of finishing it when I return to it.


Ok… Back to me PAUSING this movie.  After I did all the things within a two-hour time frame.  I no longer had an interest to watch the movie.  Especially when it unPAUSED (not an official word) and turns off.  I return to “Previously Watched” I couldn’t even remember why I chose that movie in the first place.  Where was my train of thought to make me select a movie with no deep concept?  Not only that the TITLE was so predictable.  I hate those type of movies.  Why am I talking about PAUSING and movies?

I will tell you why….


We live in a world of CHOICES.  Some of our choices are thoroughly thought out, and some of our choices are emotional, careless, reckless, or even permanent. Although I can PAUSE at times; I am big on RESETTING.  It’s one of the things I take the most pride in.  If it wasn’t for the mentally resetting, I would still be stuck on PAUSE.  So, what happens when you PAUSE and can’t RESET?  Sometimes you must press PLAY and watch how it all unfolds.


Press Play…


If you are over 30 but under 100, you have experienced life. OR, life has experienced you.  Depends on if you a glass half full, or full glass but your tank is empty.  If your tired of pressing play and nothing happens, press Pause and allow your mind to Reset.  I assure you Reset is almost as rewarding as upgrading your phone.  You want to make sure the most things were saved; BUT you are ready to download new APPS, learn new ways, and hold something in your hand that you can take off PAUSE!


~Fearless Passion



When you start to doubt who God says you are— the enemy has won. To be an Authentic You, simply means you don’t need acceptance to validate your existence. A feeling of acceptance is not what God wanted us to feel by anyone that disrupts his plan. Know that the value you represent continuously increases your growth towards a higher elevation. Once you are in tune with the direction God wants to take you, you will not allow anyone OR anything to change that.


It’s incredible and humbling to know; that through it all, God can use ANYBODY! I would rather be used by God the father; than man, the boy. God can speak to YOU through PEOPLE in TOTALLY unexpected environments. YOU are here today because you are a Prize in the world! You are surrounded by people that can detect your Prize like qualities.

Here is what may be confusing; being a prize can also be troubling. When you allow people that don’t identify the qualities that makeup who you are… YOU QUESTION YOUR VALUE!

So, YOUR Mantra for 2020: “I am a Prize, I will be an Authentic ME, no matter what my past dictates, by ANY MEANS NECESSARY! “

#2020Vision #Plan #Movement #Prize #IAM #SpeakIt #ItsNecessary

~Fearless Passion   20/20 Vision 

Mirror… Mirror…

“Mirror Mirror”


  • Oh my God I need a makeover!
  • These color makes me look fat!
  • Take my picture from this angle!
  • Let me flip this magazine to find me a new face!


Listen!!!!! The mirror will only give you what you see internally.  Stop beating yourself up over what you think is acceptable by someone else.  Stop beating yourself up over what you haven’t become.  Stop beating yourself up over where you are.  Stop beating yourself over what you failed at.  Stop beating yourself up over what you lost. Stop beating yourself over not being chosen.  Stop beating yourself up over the choices you made.  Stop beating yourself up over the secrets, skeletons, and the images in your head that make you feel less than what you were created to be.


Mirror Mirror on the wall… Read my heart.  Change me internally so that what I see externally will be the true essence of beauty.  Mirror Mirror on the wall…. Reflect the essence of my being to not search for validation, but to believe in my heart of hearts that I was created in the image of excellence.  Mirror Mirror on the wall… Love me back, because I know that when I look at you, I will know that if I don’t like what I see; no one else will.

Mirror Mirror deliver me from the reflection of my imagination that can’t seem to think that I have the power to take the distorted images of my pain, and tell the person in the mirror —–I love you and you are ENOUGH!  Mirror Mirror on the wall… Who is the most loved of all!  ME, ME, ME!


~Fearless Passion

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