Who is Fearless Passion?

Fearless Passion was birthed into a society that never defined the stage she walks across.  To be FEARLESS is to embody every effort of becoming a greater you. To be FEARLESS is to set on fire the talent that hides from the place you want to go. To be FEARLESS sets you apart from average, comfortable, and normal thinking people.  Fearless Passion is a Mother, Author, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, and Brander.

I have seen so many trials in my forty-three years of living.  One tragedy that set me into a Fearless lifestyle, was a near death experience.  You can never imagine how it felt to witness your life flash before your very eyes in 3D slow motion, and not be able to do anything but scream silently. When you can’t scream, you can definitely pray.  When I experienced death, I was spiritually bankrupt. God restored my faith, and set me on fire with a “Purpose with a Pen.”  With a pen and any paper, I planted seeds leaving behind unfertilized roots, that sprouted into God’s purpose to be Fearless.

There are many Authors, but no one is qualified to chronologically outline every intricate detail of another person life. It is the essence of one’s journey on this earth to write their own story.  This journey is not about me, it’s about connecting a part of me, with an audience that has not identified that they too, can be FEARLESS! My Purpose is to use my Pen to write out the defining moments of ”I am ” to illuminate the words on paper; be infectious to someone else’s reality through encouragement.

Who is Fearless Passion? She is simply one of many Fearless women that is not afraid to expose her hurt, trials, tribulations, and failures to make a difference in a world of doubt, depression, fear, anxiety, and mental shame.

Fearless Passion is living out her dreams to help others!

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  1. Spoken wonderfully can wait to read this book am sure this will be a wonderful experience i love to read.


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