When Our Melanin Speaks

When our Melanin Speaks… Permanent waterfalls on our stomach stretched by life. Coils around our temples shielding our individual thoughts. Thick arched eyebrows framed by expressions, but often misunderstood as “Angry Black Women” Rounded hips with attitude and ready to go to war against opinionated clichés, and unfairness!

When our Melanin speaks… the side of our lips curve right before we tell you who’s we are, and What we are! We are tired!

When our Melanin speaks…. we demand attention. So many untold levels. Often identifiable by titles, but often misunderstood simply by not being Enough!

When our Melanin speaks… it comes with amplified volume of unsung talent.

When our Melanin speaks…. We are not just BLACK; We are HUMAN We can’t become Leaders, if we are killed before we reach Puberty.

When our Melanin speaks…. it exposes the light that is shaded by darkness, but the light that shines, penetrates the root of evil.

When our Melanin speaks…. she quiets the raging storms, rejects the no’s, and resurrects empty spaces and lost souls.

When our Melanin speaks…. the residue exposing the air with unique aerosol. Filling the air with positivity.

When our Melanin speaks…the disproportions are carefully measured to reduce the unanswered questions. Some of the Melanin questions are rhetorical in nature. The melanin speaks…. For itself. Strength in numbers, courage by the freight load, inhumane talent, and mistakenly reduced by the ignorance of melanin absence.

When our Melanin speaks…. the suns bounce off the first layer of our skin and transforms into historical energy.

When our Melanin speaks…. the trees bend without the wind blowing. The birds fly in formation. When our Melanin speaks…. our enemies become footstools for us to reach for the next level that’s forced down our throats if what we can’t achieve.

When our Melanin speaks…. We are simply saying that Black Lives Matter… We can’t say this enough until it’s heard in your hearts, just as we scream it in your ears. When our Melanin speaks…She drips Soul

When our Melanin speaks… She writes a new chapter to the stories that were folded and sketch into the cemented grounds, stained by innocent blood.

When our Melanin speaks… she impregnates visions and birth passion to allow Freedom to truly ring.

When our Melanin speaks… she’s colorful and uniquely fashioned. When our Melanin speaks… she speaks in tongues; native, urban, sassy, dictated, spiritual, intellectual, courageous, and fearless.

When our Melanin speaks… puzzle pieces are scattered into places across the nation to complete one puzzle… Our Melanin is enriched with royalty and power! When our Melanin speaks… We are not OK!

#SisterswithMelanin #BLM #Queens #MondayVibes #WorldLove #Unity

~Fearless Passion

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