Is there anyone out there unafraid to raise your hand, or hands to admit that you have yelled those words, thought those words, or wished upon a star those words, TO YOUR MOST UNFAVORITE PERSON? Well; let me start off by saying that you are lying if  you don’t have at least one of these under your perfect umbrella of confessions.

!!!!GO TO HELL!!!!

That is the topic of a lot of our lives today.  We don’t want to admit it, we don’t want to address it, we just want to keep it tucked safely under our 48 hr peach fuzzed armpits.  (At least for me currently) You see I am forty-five/4 5/ four decades and five years, 16,425 days years old. Not one of those days that I can articulate; have been problem free.  You see I wanted to enter into the world feet first.  I didn’t smile as an infant, I gave you the side-eye. I always felt different.

I remember the first time I wanted to say/scream: “GO TO HELL” or perhaps “GO ALL THE WAY TO HELL” or maybe even “GO THE F&(* TO HELL” (you get the picture). I was only ten.  It’s funny how only a mere decade on this planet, I had the audacity to think those harsh words.  Now as an overripe adult; I am experiencing it. All relative to being angry at someone outside of my control.

You have to be careful of the words you plant in soil that will eventually grow.  What’s the saying: “be slow to speak”. Well let me start off by saying that you don’t have to be in a fiery furnace to go through hell.

You can experience hell in a relationship, job, church, household, kids, and especially in your mind.  The kind of HELL I’m going through is a complete sum of (I’m getting poked from every angle) No matter how much ice I use; I am disintegrating slowly. It wasn’t until recently I realized how much power I have tucked in Prefrontal Cortex to change things.  I shifted; I didn’t do that without prayer.

Life will make you think you are alone.  HELL will make you feel every bit of life.  Prayer will make you walk through the fire, and not get burned.  I encourage you to never go through HELL alone.  It is already crowded; so you don’t have to add to the population.

#life #vulnerability #motherhood #imbalance #nosuicide #pray #meditate #encouragement


~Fearless Passion

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