“Don’t be about that life”

Denial rested its comfortable fragmented arms in Insecurity. They were well acquainted. They often found comfort in knowing that they would always be SOULMATES. Nothing could pull them apart. Pain introduced them to one another after Rejection. Now there is an intervention set up to make them aware of the damaging footprints, designed to decrease their Destiny. Denial and Insecurity have been trying for years to reproduce. They are now the proud parents of Bitterness.

“Don’t allow your pain to sprout vines to where you are called to be. Denial is undiagnosed Insecurities that cripples you into believing that Hope is unattainable. The only thing you should deny; is that a new beginning and core values are what you need to be BIGGER and BETTER in your new season.

Happy Growing!


~Fearless Passion

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