Can you imagine if someone asked you to introduce yourself, and your response would be “I am the person I follow on Instagram” What would you say next?  That is really the world we are living in.  People are afraid to stand out, and be their authentic self.  If it makes you uncomfortable being yourself, imagine how it makes the receiver feel?   Could you trust you, if you can’t even be true to your own self?  (Things that make you clutch your pearls)


Can the real whoever you are, please STAND UP!  Stand up for yourself, your legacy, your rights, your authenticity, and your worth.  How much freedom would you feel being who you are supposed to be? When no one is looking, who are you?  That’s the person that should be introduced instead of the identity you are cloning from someone else.


Once upon a time, I compared myself to women that once upon time compared themselves to someone else.  Then I asked myself: Who are you?  My response was not a duplication to another description of themselves; it was my own.


Set yourself FREE, and be YOURSELF!  The real You is waiting to be introduced to the You, you have been hiding.


~Fearless Passion

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“Don’t be about that life”

Denial rested its comfortable fragmented arms in Insecurity. They were well acquainted. They often found comfort in knowing that they would always be SOULMATES. Nothing could pull them apart. Pain introduced them to one another after Rejection. Now there is an intervention set up to make them aware of the damaging footprints, designed to decrease their Destiny. Denial and Insecurity have been trying for years to reproduce. They are now the proud parents of Bitterness.

“Don’t allow your pain to sprout vines to where you are called to be. Denial is undiagnosed Insecurities that cripples you into believing that Hope is unattainable. The only thing you should deny; is that a new beginning and core values are what you need to be BIGGER and BETTER in your new season.

Happy Growing!


~Fearless Passion


Losing a part of yourself after losing a relationship can cause withdrawal and a dangerous level of depression. Depression is not permanent just like the relationship that ended.  If you appreciate the wholeness of yourself without an individual, you will understand the message in the lesson.  Everything that distracts you is not meant to destroy you.  Listening to the inner spirit that whispers a comforting feeling soothes you even when your preference and longing is for what left.


The Breakup was a detour set up for where you needed to be positioned to go. Have you ever been lost trying to find a place in a hurry and the navigation systems recalculates your direction?  As frustrating as that may have been; it didn’t make you drive off a cliff.  In my previous experience, it caused me to pull over and try to use another app.  You can’t drive in a direction if you don’t know where you are going.  You will most likely see things you’ve never seen before, or run out of gas.


The Breakdown is a prerequisite of your Breakthrough.  The breakdown has to position you to surrender that you are more important than what caused you the pain.  Pain is a reminder that once you heal, your surviving skills are increased.  I would like to think that when you go through something, it was never meant to break you down and keep you down.  It was to simply build you up in order for you to find strength in the breakthrough.


If you have ever experienced a breakthrough; it can best be pronounced as holding your breath underwater, and finally coming up out of the water experience that first breath you take freely.  You are not defined by a verbal description of your breakup.  Learn how to turn your reality around and make it work best for you.  Life will always have trials and tribulations, but you going through them without the physical damage, makes for your tailored BREAKTHROUGH!



~Fearless Passion


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