Attitude Adjustment

TGIF (Thank God I’m Fearless) 

I have been doing a lot of adjusting lately.  Merely for the reasons that my skin was becoming a little uncomfortable to be in.  Sometimes when you embrace that inner desire to change; is when the change will stick.  Back in the day, I blamed my attitude on my past,  ex, mom, or because of whatever the day of the week it was.  I had an explanation every time someone initiated “you got a bad attitude” Well you hear that enough you’ll learn to be invulnerable to it, and simply apply it with the fact that they are just as imperfect as you are.  That gets old too.  It wasn’t until I decided to look at myself without the smoke on the mirror, and observed I had a problem.


Everyone has an attitude but it doesn’t have to be a “negative” one.   I wanted my inside to match my outside; so, I tailored somethings and now my skin doesn’t itch as bad.  I had to really take self-inventory and figure out my trigger points.  Did I think I was so self-righteous that I didn’t have room to change? NO! Did I think I was the only one created on the earth with problems? NO! Did I think I was unchangeable or unmovable? NO!  When I started purging things about myself; I realized some of the relationships I pushed away was more me than them.  Me by the art of how I didn’t value their opinions.  I said to myself; You can’t be FEARLESS and not see that you created a runway of negative behaviors and unwanted explanation. (Next)  I came to the realization that if it took too long to explain; I had a bad ATTITUDE!  (Stand in line for adjustments) Boy is this line long!


My attitude was grounded in my emotional state that was counterproductive to what I desired for my life.  The effect of my behavior triggered a defense I built up (A WALL) that kept me safe, single, and strong.  (at least in my eyes) I am so beyond the whole attitude thing now.  Now as I move forward with the new;  people like to remind me of the old.  If that happens to you; simply smile and request them to explain.  If they can’t; they don’t warrant your tailored shift.  Don’t allow someone to box you into wherever you left.  The change is more for YOU than THEM.  If your attitude needs adjusting; don’t wait for an intervention to comprehend you hold the tools to adjust it.


Check your Attitude if you have the following: 

  • Victim Mentality
  • Short Tempered
  • Your Relationships aren’t working
  • People Tell you all the time you have an attitude


~Fearless Passion 

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