See It. Say It. Slay It.

See It. Say It. Slay It.

It January 12, 2019.  You might already be running with Fear and Doubt. Those two love to run together.  Let me start by telling you that you are not alone.  We set our minds to conquer our goals. We reach the halfway mark and it’s further away.  The solution is simple.  See the GIANT, Say to the Giant (I will move you), and lastly, Slay the Giant.  The Giant is your Goal/Vision/Purpose. Your ambition to get it done will reflect your ability to Slay. You can’t want a shiny object and be afraid to reach for it. Even if it’s outside your readch, learn how to stretch. Your exhausted because you are beating yourself up over doubt and fear.  Be sure to STOP right here, and tell Fear and Doubt to GET OUT! They can rock with you when you have so much to accomplish. 


Here is the truth about you that you are subconsciously forgetting. You have the power to turn the red-light green. Who’s stopping you from Seeing where you need to be? Who’s stopping you from Saying it will happen?  Who’s stopping you for Slaying it?  Have you figured out yet that all this time it been YOU! You are the problem?

No one is holding that remote while you flip through channels.

No one is holding your eyes open for you to watch others slay on reality tv.

No one is holding your ears to the phone while you gossip, or gossip is delivered to your captivated ears.

No one is definitely rocking you to sleep when that alarm is snoozed several times.

When you reach your designed, calculated, blood, sweat, and tears purpose; you will realize that you had the power all along. You just didn’t lay the electric bill. 

There’s a price to pay for success. You can’t double Dutch in and out what you want to do, and what you got to do. Make doing what you GOT to do mandatory. 


It’s time to See what you want.  Say it to yourself (no excuses) will stop you. Then Slay the dang on thang.  Don’t apologize to anyone for your shifts.  Stop checking everyone’s temperatures; that will tire you out, distract you, and make you bitter.  There is nothing wrong with repositioning your actions.  I mean; realistically if they are (For You) they will understand.  Figure out what your WHY is; give it a deeper definition.  That will make you want it more.  Don’t let six months introduce itself to you, and you forgot who was.

It’s time to make your necessary change stick.

  • Superglue your faith to your destiny.
  • See yourself going to that place.
  • Qualify yourself to have the rights to Slay!                                               


~Fearless Passion 

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