Is The “Me Too Movement” Getting Old?

Past whispers and secrets are now being amplified to an aggressive opinionated society. There are a lot of victims being noticed now in the “Me Too Movement”. There was once upon a time a secret society that only told their closest friends. The “Me Too Movement” can be a family member, wrong place and time, employer, entertainment industry, leadership, political leaders, or even in a committed relationship. People affected by the “Me Too Movement” will always be victims because it happened. Those scars, are inevitably scars that may never heal. If you entered a crowded conference and this subject is raised, 60% probably has dealt with this horrific act of violence. 10% doesn’t have the courage to speak; merely out of fear. The percentages are mind-blowing.

The “Me Too Movement” widely gained recognition in 2017. Where was this movement centuries ago? It would’ve been entitled “Don’t ask, Don’t Tell” As far as my mind can reach, I have often heard; “it happened to me long ago, and if I say something now, no one would believe me.” What this does is make the perpetrator believe it is OK to do it again. You don’t have to be a celebrity to be heard. If you have been violated mentally or sexually, the damage has been done. It needs to be addressed. The scars develop calluses; they don’t heal. It is only when you regain the power to SPEAK OUT; others will have the courage to do so.

I too; am a member of the “Me Too Movement” In fact, I have been affected by the movement several times. When I kept it a secret, the perpetrator did it again to someone else. Now widely spread, are celebrities given notice to this movement. Social Media is on a continuing rampage with aggressive opinions in disbelief by the survivors. It makes it worse when the survivors belch out secrets that are crushed by opinions of others. It saddens me even further; that someone will take this Movement as a joke. I want to go on record to say that if you have been affected by the “Me Too Movement” you don’t allow SILENCE to pacify your pain. The pain does not go away. It becomes a staple over your life.

So, the question is: Is the “Me Too Movement” getting old?” Absolutely not! In fact; it is just receiving the recognition, and it is about time. I encourage more women and men to come forth with their voices. Let your voices be heard, so that other victims will feel the courage to come forth!


~Fearless Passion

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