The Right Time

We go through life praying that we can build something meaningful that we would grow old and be proud of. Life doesn’t always give you the time you think you deserve. One day you wake up feeling your energetic self, and the next day you wake up and feel as though time is moving faster than you are. You ask yourself; where did the time go? Well, the time moved in the segments arranged by the calendar days. You probably allowed your inner clock to move based on your emotions.

It is now 2018. What is it that you were supposed to do ten years, five years, or even one year ago? What happened to that idea that kept you excited enough to share it when you first envisioned it? What happened to the pep you had in your step? What happened to that project you put on your vision board? You keep giving time too much responsibility. You are not being truly accountable for the one person that knows that you personally have allowed time to slip by without proof you appreciated it. (in my head, that made perfect sense) I have been there; sometimes I double Dutch back and forth with it now.

I keep saying is this The Right Time for me to start over? Is this The Right Time to Let Go, is this The Right Time to make that call? Let me tell you something detrimental to your mental health to live by: The Right Time is always the time you first thought it up! If time taps you on your shoulder, and you are too busy to recognize that you ignored the tap, TIME might not give you that opportunity again.

Don’t take TIME for granted. As I stated earlier; Time is segmented by calendars days. What is on your calendar that is keeping you away from living your best life? Do you have an idea of what BEST looks like in your future, scratch that, YOUR Right Now? You owe yourself, and TIME to stop procrastinating. I stopped saying ” I don’t have TIME” Whatever you put “I” in front of, will rule the rest of where you are going in your statement. Is this the Right Time for you to WIN? I certainly hope your answer is YES!!

~Fearless Passion

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