The Right Time

We go through life praying that we can build something meaningful that we would grow old and be proud of. Life doesn’t always give you the time you think you deserve. One day you wake up feeling your energetic self, and the next day you wake up and feel as though time is moving faster than you are. You ask yourself; where did the time go? Well, the time moved in the segments arranged by the calendar days. You probably allowed your inner clock to move based on your emotions.

It is now 2018. What is it that you were supposed to do ten years, five years, or even one year ago? What happened to that idea that kept you excited enough to share it when you first envisioned it? What happened to the pep you had in your step? What happened to that project you put on your vision board? You keep giving time too much responsibility. You are not being truly accountable for the one person that knows that you personally have allowed time to slip by without proof you appreciated it. (in my head, that made perfect sense) I have been there; sometimes I double Dutch back and forth with it now.

I keep saying is this The Right Time for me to start over? Is this The Right Time to Let Go, is this The Right Time to make that call? Let me tell you something detrimental to your mental health to live by: The Right Time is always the time you first thought it up! If time taps you on your shoulder, and you are too busy to recognize that you ignored the tap, TIME might not give you that opportunity again.

Don’t take TIME for granted. As I stated earlier; Time is segmented by calendars days. What is on your calendar that is keeping you away from living your best life? Do you have an idea of what BEST looks like in your future, scratch that, YOUR Right Now? You owe yourself, and TIME to stop procrastinating. I stopped saying ” I don’t have TIME” Whatever you put “I” in front of, will rule the rest of where you are going in your statement. Is this the Right Time for you to WIN? I certainly hope your answer is YES!!

~Fearless Passion

Show a Little R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

I am going to make my keyboard sing, like Stevie Wonder did the harmonica at the Queen of Soul Service. I mentally dissect everything; it is the way God has designed me to operate.  I took a journey through my mind, through the minds of who was visually acknowledged.  I marveled at Stevie Wonder.  Here is a gift to the nation, that someone may say is cursed, or handicapped.  This man has raw talent.  He has never even seen Mrs. Aretha Franklin, but he loved her because of her presence.  He doesn’t even know what black and white looks like, but he loves through touch.  My God what a wonderful blessing that must be.  To not have your judgement be clouded by the color of skin.  I could tell through emotional trembling vocal chords, that grief of her loss was deeper than the surface of the human eye.  I could tell that she touched people in different ways.  I could tell that she was a fighter.  I could tell that she was able to bridge the gaps between politics.  I could tell that she campaign for change.  That is what legacy is all about. #RESPECT, LOVE, KINDNESS


I wouldn’t dare call it a funeral, because so much life was present.  The fact that LOVE showed revolutionize history forever.  Mrs. Aretha Franklin was Auntie Aretha to many.  Even to me.  Her music was heartfelt, rather it was Rhythm and Blues, Gospel, Jazz, or even her melodious dialogue.  The gift she was afforded deserved the level of Respect I witnessed on yesterday.  In fact; after leaving work early, I was so excited to leave I wasn’t aware that the service was screaming live. I listened with great admiration to everyone. She was so well respected by generation after generation.  I remember growing up my mom would blast her music on Saturday, indicating it is time to clean out the refrigerator, the cabinets, and anything else the Queen of Soul moved her to dictate to my siblings and I.  What was most noticeable on yesterday is some of the commentary of the timing it took for her service.

When you think about the years she suffered silently with a disease that has rocked every household at some point, you would think the Respect would have been higher for a legendary.  She was someone’s mother, grandmother, aunt, friend, and she was certainly an idol.  Displaying respect doesn’t cost a dime.  It actually builds character.  Death can tap us on the shoulder at any moment; would you want your life’s legacy to be rushed?  I would think not.  You only die once.  I am sure her service could have been longer, considering how many friends and family would have embraced the opportunity to speak or perform at her service.

My takeaway is this; no matter what household you grew up in or around, RESPECT should be given to everyone.  Especially through grief and sorrow.  Your words of venom can not be retracted once your ears are penetrated with them. Just like the rhythm of music is easily learned and dissected into our souls, so are harmful, toxic, and unforgettable words. When I loss my mother, it taught me that when your time is up, you can’t go back and do over what has already been done.  It is recorded in the book of your character. While you are still leaving, there is time to practice RESPECT, until you get right.

I would like to personally request that if you were among the negative commentary, that you ask for forgiveness, and learn to show RESPECT, LOVE, and KINDNESS!


~Fearless Passion

Fearless Advocate for CHANGE


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