Flaws & All

Flaws & All

It’s really funny how the world spins around and around and we aren’t dizzy attempting to keep up with all that it spits out. Truth be told; it is very tiresome to attempt to be someone that isn’t aware that your efforts are in full drive mode to be like them. I mean your dreams should never be mirrored by someone else’s success. You have to learn to accept your Flaws & All. It is important that who you are is driven by what it means to have a strong character and a person with high values. Not one person on the face of this earth has the same character. Not one person on the face of this earth has the same flaws. Not one person on this earth, know exactly what it means to be you. Even identical twin has their own identity. Learn to accept your Flaws & All!

I remember as a young girl I would get upset about my thick eyebrows, the roundness of my face, and my underdeveloped body. I didn’t understand as a teenage girl that my legs and butt would soon catch up to the rest of my body. Now I see in this wonderful world we live in, people building bodies to look like someone that also built a body. (Go Figure) Learn to accept your Flaws & All! Everything I had issues with as a young girl is now craved by the majority of women. They want full eyebrows. They even want round cheeks. They buy curves. I had to learn to accept my flaws way back then.

Flaws & All; simply means to love everything about yourself. You loving yourself will not look like anyone else. You will begin to love yourself from the inside out, rather than the outside in. It helps to know that growth can happen to anyone. I am constantly learning more about myself. I am constantly learning to fall so deeply in love with who I am now, and who I aim to be. My message for whoever is reading this; rather you are a man or a woman, to fall in love with yourself. The person you fall in love with will be beautiful enough for others to appreciate and respect.

Love your Flaws & ALL!

~Fearless Passion

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