Anger or Depression

Anger can control you if you let it. It can also be the doorway to depression.

You’ve grown up to be quite the success; however, people often wonder why you can’t seem to make friends quickly. You have begun to believe that it is everyone else’s fault for your downfall. In continuous time you have now rerouted what bothers you the most about yourself to an angry outlet. You’ve pretty much read every self-help book there is published on NY best sellers list. Even Oprah Life class or Iyanla can’t fix you. Where do you go for a repair? Who has allowed you to have an outcry without judgment? Is there a shoulder out there available that won’t later whisper your dark secrets to the next person?

This epidemic is highly prevalent among other women. We glamorized ourselves in hopes that we can mask what an underlined depression is. We began to seek validation from outward commodities that get us through the day. We label success as a ladder to further push our underline depression more also into the abyss. Why? We do this so that society doesn’t label us damaged goods. We do this in an effort that someone will see the dried up tears underneath our smile. We do this to wave flags up to suggest that one day someone will turn on a switch to happiness. When this is all said and done, we’ve grown old and now angry, while never addressing what caused us to be depressed.

Depression is standard; it is unhealthy to think that something is majorly wrong with you when you cry up for help, and no one hears your cries. Don’t be embarrassed to know that you are not alone. Don’t allow your doorway to have a depression welcome mat in front of it. Live. Laugh. Love

~Fearless Passion

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