Permission 2 Win

Permission to Win


You train and condition your mind to drown out outside noises and distractions to focus on winning. To win, you have to know what it feels like to lose.  On game day, you pray and tap into that inner spirit of “never give up” I had to lose a few times to want to win even more.  There is no greater feeling of studying the mistakes you have made to overcome the fear of repeating them.  You can do that mentally each time by giving yourself permission to win.  If you have any area in your mind that doubt and fear creeps in, it will beat down the excitement that gives you the opportunity to win.  It’s the trick of defeat.


What it means to give yourself permission; simply put is saying it’s ok to move past great and aim for greater. It’s ok that even if you lose, you gave it more than your all.  You will never get through life successfully when you’re comfortable.  Think of it this way; Serena Williams didn’t defeat her components by standing in one place.  She had to move around and dominate.  She gave herself permission to win each time she grabbed that tennis racket.  In life, adopt the “Serena Williams” attitude.  She drowned out the hatred, doubters, and her previous circumstances, and she showed up to win, by looking her opponent in the face, and serving up all her energy into winning.  Give yourself permission to win today!


~Fearless Passion

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