Fearless Beginnings from Fearless Passion!

In 2012, after emotional years of roller coaster rides from corporate America, and negative interactions from disguised support groups with women, she decided to turn the negatives into positives and unite liked minded women to overcome struggles. Pamela Fears reinvented herself one “NO” at a time.  She empowered women one conversation at a time. She started off by governing support groups on social media by sharing encouragement.  At the time, it was a hobby; she had no idea that she was putting herself on the path to finding out that this was God’s plan all along. She coaches whenever she hears a silent cry for help. She is the Founder of Fearless Passion Movement; promoting sisterhood across the globe.

Movement’s Media  (Fearless Fridays Live Podcast)

Although Fearless Passion Movement media presence has significant influence, it has been proven to positively impact value to the growth of women and their businesses. Fearless Passion Movement has also been successful in connecting and networking in  empowerment events.

As an advocate for positive moving women, Author of 21 Days to a Fearless Beginning: The Realistic Guide for Women to Gain a Fearless Mindset and a Winning Lifestyle. Fearless Passion is often requested to speak into the lives of young women that are embarking the journey towards womanhood.

Fearless Passion’s  Mission Statement:

  • Driven by a deep passion to encourage women affected by mental and physical abuse.
  • Passionate in educating women to heal their pain and uncover their inner beauty.
  • Advocate change through community outreach; assist with the process of transforming brokenness into permanent power.
  • To collaborate with organizations to empower change, breakdown barriers, be set free, and ignite a passionate lifetime of continuous positive movement.


Let’s Get Started,

Fearless Passion

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